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Together with SAWA®

Ice Bucket

Use your SAWA pit to cool the drink before the party.


Sit down, enjoy. Hear the crackle from the fire that creates a magical atmosphere in the late hours.


Fill your SAWA pit with water and create a fountain or water mirror.

In time, the SAWA fire pit will be beautifully rust-red as it is created from 100% corten steel. The product is always delivered in the steel's original gray color, but over time when it is exposed to moisture, wind and varying climates, an even and dense oxide layer will form on the steel's surface. How fast it goes varies depending on where you live. On the west coast in Sweden, you see a change after maybe a week.

Is there anything better than products with many uses. When the wood is finished, or you simply feel like trying something else, it is excellent to place your favorite drink and pour on ice. This is guaranteed to be a hit with family and friends.