A swedish brand, handmade and personal.

About us...

SAWA® is a registered trademark for home and garden created by Sara Wallin Brobakken and Adam Brobakken. This is the result of an idea that started early, but which became a reality in 2021. The brand is something to be proud of, whether it is placed as the center of the garden or just as a detail among many others. Everything is handmade and carefully selected to follow the presence in everyday life and be the little extra.

Our ambition is to highlight parts of the "Småland" creative tradition. Genuine craftsmanship and knowledge are presented in new contexts, in a more modern version. We work with the meeting between the timeless and the simple, where our products are designed according to everyday needs.

Welcome to us!

Sara Wallin Brobakken

CEO and designer.

Adam Brobakken

Economy and purchase.