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Questions and answers - FAQ

Were are your SAWA products made?

All our products are manufactured in Jönköping and are truly "Made in Småland". This is very important to us as we always want to keep a personal touch and feeling around everything we manufacture and stand for. A SAWA product is unique in itself and is created with love and pride. We will never want to let go of the feeling and meaning of being a part of our customers experiences and warm memories. We want to be a beautiful detail for a cozy moment. The big in the small and we want to keep it that way.

What´s an fire pit?

A fire pit is a form of fireplace for outdoor heating. A mood booster for all seasons. A fire pit is usually used as an mood enhancer and for heat to gather around. Also works well as a grill dish, but then a frying pan or telescopic grill stick is recommended. Our SAWA fire pits are created with a stable base with associated bowl and welded logotype. Available in two sizes.

What´s the benefit of a fire pit?

With a SAWA fire pit, it is safe to light a fire in the garden all year round and at any time. It is very practical to move as they only weigh between 21-24 kg depending on which size you choose. It is thus convenient to take with you on outdoor life, the caravan holiday, or in the cottage. Also perfect to use after the trampoline has been taken down, but the frame remains. Then there will be a little campfire feeling in the middle and the frame as seats. The SAWA fire pit provides a beautiful, cozy fire in the twilight or darkness to socialize around and it also works great to grill marshmellows, smores, sausages or directly on the embers.

How does an fire pit works?

A fire pit works in the way that you build a pyramid or similar with wood. It is also possible to use carcoal if desired. Then it is easiest to light the fire in the safest way with fire cubes or fire pads. Preferably do not use lighter fluid as it may splash. For the absolute safest firing, place your fire pit on a gravel bed or directly on stone or concrete. Do not place directly on wooden trolleys or the like to avoid marks or fire.

What´s corten steel?

Corten steel is a resistant and living steel. In corten steel you add copper, nickel, chromium and phosphorus, among other things. Corten steel has a resistance to corrosion from weather and wind up to 8 times higher than ordinary steel. This means that the steel gets a nice rust-colored surface that rusts slowly and lasts over time. Corten steel is completely maintenance-free and can withstand being outside all year round. Corten steel is today a very popular material for home and garden details. When delivering our SAWA products, the steel is in the original dark gray color and moisture is required for the process against the rust-red surface to begin. How long this takes depends entirely on external circumstances. If you want to speed up the process, you can spray water or salt water. One thing to keep in mind is that the corten steel initially "flakes" before the oxidation stops and can thus discolor the substrate on which it stands.

Why is it a hole in the middle of an SAWA fire pit?

The reason we manufacture our products with a hole in the middle is for drainage of rainwater, snow or wood residues. It also provides important ventilation for a better fire.

What´s the sizes of the fire pits and pots?

We have two sizes of our fire pits. The largest is called WILHELM and it´s 75cm in diameter and the smaller variant is called EBBE and is 64cm in diameter. Both have the same height of 50cm. The WILHELM fire pit weighs approximately 24kg and the EBBE fire pit weighs 21kg. Our SAWA Mondial pots are 40cm in diameter and 35cm high. Weight about 13-14kg

Freight cost?

Shipping for our SAWA products and partners differs slightly. The large WILHELM fire pit costs SEK 399 to send no matter what in Sweden you live in and the EBBE fire pit costs SEK 349. You can of course pick up the products for free in our showroom at Hammarvägen 39 in Norrahammar. We are located in the same building as the famous "Dakabom". When it comes to our SAWA Mondial pots and accessory products such as fire extinguishers, it costs between SEK 99 and SEK 149 to send to an freight dealer. There you pick them up yourself when the notification arrives, while the fireboxes are sent with home delivery. Delivery to Denmark for the big fire pot WILHELM cost SEK 550 (about DKK 390) and for the smaller EBBE about SEK 450 (about DKK 320). The pots and accessories SEK 99-199 (about DKK 63-140).


We only use KLARNA and their services for EU. Smooth and safe. There you can pay securely with Visa, Mastercard and invoice if you wish. You can choose up to 30 days payment, etc. You can also choose to split the payment or directly from a bank account.

If you vist our store/showroom you can pay with card, VISA, Mastercard and AMEX for example.

Delivery time?

As we manufacture the SAWA products directly from scratch, it takes approximately 5-10 days before your order arrives at your home or via a representative. All products are unique and handmade so no two are alike. For product we have in stock we often ship it directly the day after.

I want an collaboration with you?

We find it exciting, write to us at [email protected] or under "contact"

Where´s you showroom and can we visit?

You can definitely do that, we are located in Norrahammar on Hammarvagen 39. Along with Dakabom as many people know. We do not have fixed opening hours yet, but the plan is to be open a few Saturdays at regular intervals in the future. We are fixing a bit. If you want to see the product before buying, just call +46733- 32 48 23 or contact us at [email protected] Then we will be more than happy to open and show you the products.